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Our GIS Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services refer to the various software applications and online platforms that enable the storage, analysis, and visualization of spatial data. These services allow users to create, manage, and interact with maps, perform geospatial analysis, and integrate location-based information into their workflows.

GIS Data Mapping, Data Processing

  • Creation of digital maps and plans
  • Vectorization of available cartographic materials
  • Vectorization of graphic documents
  • Digitization of topographic maps
  • Creation of orthophotos
  • Updating of cartographic materials

CAD Services & Applications

  • Land Survey CAD Drafting Services
  • Land Development Services
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Architectural CAD Services
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Animation CAD Services


  • Annual base map update
  • GIS base layer / Land base
  • Engineering design
  • Urban planning
  • Watershed management
  • Geography
  • Landscape architecture

Satellite Image Processing

  • 3D Digital Surface
  • Feature Extraction
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Processing
  • Spatial Feature Extraction

LiDAR Data Processing

  • LiDAR pointcloud classification
  • High detailed 3D Cartography and 2D mapping at different levels
  • Key features vectorisation and analysis (bridges, buildings, etc.) GIS Web Services
  • Advanced LiDAR Mapping services (utilities, hydraulics, corridor mapping)
  • Mobile Lidar Mapping
  • Digital Elevation/DSM Models (DEM/DSM)
  • Transmission Lines/Corridors


  • Land use studies
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Customized maps
  • ALTA surveys
  • FIRM updates
  • Volumetric computation
  • Stormwater management

UAV Image Processing

  • Asset & Plant Inspections
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Mining & Resources
  • Thermographic Imaging
  • Surveying Services

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  • Laser scanning of McDonald’s



    Accurate and detailed DTM representing the terrain features of the surveyed area.
  • Laser scanning of a the multi-storey apartments


    Lviv, Ukraine

    3D laser scanning and creating BIM-model of anobject.
  • Laser scanning of the facades of Poshtovyi Avenue


    Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

    3D laser scanning and creating BIM-model of several buildings, which are monuments of architecture and urban planning of local significance in Kryvyi Rih, with accurate design of all decorative elements: stucco, balconies, windows, parapets, etc.
  • LiDAR Point Classification for Power Transmission Lines



    Acquiring a point cloud with a detailed classification of power lines, including the determination of the phases for each wire, and a thorough classification of the DSM terrain within a 60-meter corridor.
  • LiDAR Point Cloud Classification Mobile Scanning



    Acquiring a point cloud with specific target classes: road, sidewalk, buildings, ground, vegetation, road signs, street infrastructure, and street furniture.

Customers have no doubt about our expertise

Bell Ingram Design are delighted with the service provided by GISPoint in support of our work for our clients in rural Perthshire. The point cloud data from our local survey team was passed to your team in Ukraine and they turned it round into a useable 3D Revit model of the Grade B Listed Building more quickly than we could have hoped for.

At all times we were kept up to date with progress images, and the final product has proved to be a very robust basis for our design proposals. We will definitely be working with GISPoint again in the future.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the exceptional support and collaboration that we received during our recent project. Your team’s expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality were instrumental in the success of our project.

We were particularly impressed with your team’s ability to quickly understand our needs and provide customized solutions that exceeded our expectations. Your communication and responsiveness throughout the project were also greatly appreciated.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with GISpoint Team ag…

Stanislav Mudrak

MDP GEO Testimonial

From the end of 2022, the GIS POINT company is one of our cooperating partners within the project focused on mobile mapping.

GIS Point participates in the evaluation of 3D data from mobile mapping – laser point cloud and panoramic photos. After they have been trained at the very beginning of the cooperation, the results are submitted on their part in the required quality and time.

The representatives of GIS Point are able to respond operatively and solve any requirements that arise in a very short time. If something needs to be resolved, they have no …

Jiří Habrovec

GEODROM Testimonial

We wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for the productive and effective collaboration that we experienced during our recent project. The expertise and dedication of your team were invaluable in helping us achieve our goals, and we are grateful for your hard work and commitment.

We were particularly impressed with your team’s attention to detail and ability to consistently deliver high-quality results within our tight timelines. Your flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing project requirements were also greatly appreciated.


Michal Šafařík

GB-geodezie Testimonial

We started to consider cooperation with GISpoint at time of full workload. We were looking for digital spatial data processor capable to work with the latest software tools.
Due to time pressure and lack of people on the job market we contacted based on recommendation the company GISpoint from Ukraine.
The start of the cooperation with GISpoint was scheduled for April 2023. The initial negotiations went smoothly. Ievgen Lavrishko communicated helpfully on behalf of GISpoint.
The cooperation concerned a large contract with time pressure for complet…

Stanislav Madron

Review GMtech

During our cooperation with the LLC “Mirnichy” at the project: “3D Models of buildings” specialists of your enterprise have shown themselves as professionals who perform their work qualitatively and conscientiously.

Why highly appreciate cooperation with LLC “Mirnichy” because it has been proven itself as a reliable and qualified partner. All works have been done on time and with a high level. LLC “Mirnichy” has been performed the work stipulated by the contract.

David Chodarad


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