Orthophoto scanning in Canada

As experts in the field of LiDAR and geodesy, we can offer you a wide range of services to solve your challenges.
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LiDAR surveying in Canada:
precision in every detail

Extensive experience

in the use of LiDAR technology for capturing and analysing geospatial data.

High accuracy & quality

of the collected LiDAR data, which allows for accurate mapping and detection of changes in the landscape.

Variety of services

related to LiDAR surveying, including data analysis and interpretation, creation of digital elevation models and other geospatial analyses.

Personalised approach

GIS-point works with each client individually, taking into account their unique needs and project requirements to ensure optimal results.

Knowledge of the specifics

Knowledge of the specifics of local conditions and legislation in Canada allows GIS-point to effectively execute projects in this country.

From mapping territories to detecting changes in the landscape.

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Advanced technologies & tools

for collecting, processing and analysing LiDAR geospatial data, which ensures high efficiency and quality of work.

What is LiDAR / Light Detection & Ranging /

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses laser beams to measure distances to objects and create accurate three-dimensional models of the ground or other objects.

In the process of LiDAR surveying, laser beams are emitted by a special scanner or device onto the ground or into the air. When the laser beams collide with the surface, they are reflected back to the instrument, where the time it takes for the beam to return is then measured. By measuring the time the laser beam travels, the LiDAR scanner determines the distance to the object.

This data can be processed and used to create accurate three-dimensional models and maps.

Scanning & Data
Collection Solutions 

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  • Topographic surveying

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  • Assessment of the condition of forests

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  • Searching for minerals

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  • LiDAR topographic surveying

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Completed Projects

  • GIS Data Processing – Actualisation-1


    Poltava, Ukraine



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  • GIS Data Processing – Actualisation-2


    Lviv, Ukraine



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  • LiDAR Data Processing


    Lviv, Ukraine



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